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What is the Suomen Metsä initiative?

Suomen Metsä is a charity organization aimed at safeguarding Finland’s forests. We believe Finnish forests are both the heritage and the right of every Finn. In collaboration with Luonnonperintösäätiö, we will ensure all donations go directly to the protection of the forests.

The destruction of our forests, along with the detrimental effects of climate change, threaten the well-being and diversity of our forests, and the species within them. Together we can put a stop to the destruction and protect the Finnish forest.

Join us in our efforts to save the precious forest by either contributing donations or participating in our cycling event.


Cycling event 27.5.2023

This unique event is for everyone. We will bike from Helsinki westward to the town of Hanko, a distance of about 150km. Bring your bike, friends, co-workers and family along! Be part of the solution! Seize the opportunity and take part in changing Finland for the better! Participation and registration is free.
Helsinki and Hanko


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